Micro Lots

Natural Process (Villa Yolanda)

Region: Montecillos. Coffee Available, harvest 2018

Varieties: Icatu, Parainema.

Farmers: Edgardo Urquia

Harvest: Jan-March

Altitude: 4,000 feet ASL (SHG)

Growing: Shade-Grown, Protecting Native and Migratory Birds.

Process: Natural / Dry, sun dried on raised beds

Farmer, Edgardo Urquia. He grew up in the farm, helping his father until he decided to go to College. He graduated as Industrial Engineer. Edgardo return to home town and get in charge of his father operations and start planting Farm Villa Yolanda. This farm is 5 years old, located 4 miles outside the town of Marcala. During the leaf rust epidemic, Edgardo decided to experiment with new maintenance techniques to fight against leaf rust. This hard work paid off, producing this exceptional Micro-Lot.

Coffee Features: This coffee is heavy in body, sweet, smooth and complex.

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