We are a group of small coffee farmers.

We are descendants of the Indigenous Lenca People, located on the high mountains in southwestern Honduras.

Our speciality coffee is Single Origin, Single Estate, Micro-Lots. 100% Shade-Grown. Produced  in our farms and our neighbors farms in specific regions, and ships directly to your door.

Our coffee is harvested with care and processed with strict quality control. When you buy coffee from Lenca Farms, you buy coffee with value and history.

Learn more about how we define Direct Trade Coffee and how your purchase goes even further to benefit the farmers.

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The Lenca People & Farms

The Lenca people are an indigenous tribe of southwestern Honduras. In Honduras, the Lenca are the largest indigenous group, with a population estimate of 100,000. The pre-Conquest Lenca had frequent contact with various Mayan groups as well as other groups of Mexico and Central America.

Led by Lempira, a warlord chief, the Lenca fought Spanish Conquestidors until his assassination. Lempira is recognized as a hero. His name was given to the national currency of Honduras.

Lenca people engage in farming, including the cultivation of coffee, cocoa, tobacco, varieties of plantains and gourds. Throughout the regions of Lenca occupation, Lenca pottery is very distinguishable.

Handcrafted by Lenca women, the pottery is considered an ethnic marking of their culture. Lenca heritage tourism is growing. It has encouraged the attention to indigenous Lenca traditions and culture, especially in Honduras.