Since 2013 we are able to offer our coffee from our Farms to your Door as Direct Trade Coffee.

We are working with local Craft Roasters, who want to offer to their customers not just coffee but coffee with value and history. We also offer our coffee to Home Roasters that want to have the experience of roasting and drinking fresh coffee.

Are you a coffee roaster? Let's work together!

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We at Lenca Farmers are committed to protecting the habitat of Neotropical birds on our farms, where we produce Shade-grown coffee. Being a member of the Partners in Neotropical Bird Conservation is one way we are involved in programs to protect migratory and native bird species in our coffee farms in the high mountains of Southwestern Honduras.

The Partners in Neotropical Bird Conservation was formed by Juniata Valley Audubon Society in South central Pennsylvania. We work together to protect birds and habitat.